Original abstract paintings made in London

Blog 10 - Majorca Holiday

Majorca Holiday



My partner and I flew to Majorca for a week of much needed R&R.

I wrote a blog to explain the reason for a gap in my writing, as well as to share some of the beautiful pictures I took of the scenery that inspired me.

As well as the beautiful landscape, our design also displayed some textured art work which resembled my own.

I am not happy to have flown home from this amazing holiday, but I am happy to get back to my artwork again!


The combination of the clear water, gnarled trees and golden sand made the beaches along Port de Pollenca so picturesque!


This was one of the many paintings that hung in the reception and dining rooms. It looks like this artist has also used a combination of clay and acrylic paints in their abstract work as well. I like the combination of colour, how the artist has used whites, oranges and blues to create an abstract landscape.


I also liked this abstract painting. It looks like plaster has been used to create an effect like sand on the canvas. The sandy and earthy brown tones along with the textured background allows this canvas to tie in well with the hotels beach theme.


On our last day, Mark and I walked through a steep cliff side wooded area to reach a hidden beach. I though this photograph I took on our descent to the cove was particularly beautiful because of the vivid green and blues, a colour combination I am often using in my abstract paintings.