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Blog 15 - Hans Blomquist The Natural Home

Hans Blomquist - The Natural Home



I love great interior design. I have quite an eclectic style that shifts with the ever changing trends, however my love for dark interiors is constant and is sometimes referenced in my artwork. Therefore, I wanted to start sharing books and images that inspire me.

The first book I'd like to talk about is The Natural Home, written by a stylist Hans Blomquist.


In my eyes, The Natural Home is the epitome of interior styling.

I love dark neutral colours, natural fabrics and an abundance of plant life in interior design and this book has it all!


This book begins by breaking down Hans' key elements that are incorporated into his Natural interiors including the use of plants, display objects, colour and texture.

The photographs of these elements are enough to encourage "ooh's" and "aah's" from me, as well as a feeling of sadness that I can't have another home to style this way!

The above photograph shows a number of found objects with neutral colours and an assortment of materials. Although it can be impractical to horde objects for the sake of creating an interesting arrangement for every day life... I can still lust over the photograph. I live in a minimalist styled house so the messy arrangement of beautiful things would be a little out of place. The photographs and examples of arrangements can however inspire my choice of colour palettes, plants and may give me a reason to leave some of my paintbrushes out in the spare room.


I love the above photograph because I love plants. Nature and the use of green is used a lot in my artwork so I am drawn to images like this.

Instead of colourful manicured bouquets, Hans suggests using grasses, twigs and a few large leafy plants 'preferring a random, jungly effect'. 

I have a penchant for killing my indoor plants so perhaps a shift to twigs would be more economic.


In the rest of the book, Hans explores case studies of beautiful homes which have been styled naturally, including the above home with an incredible living wall, and the below dining room with an incredible ceiling height!


I would recommend buying this book if you are looking for interior inspiration or just a great coffee table book to rest your vase of twigs on!

A link to the book on Amazon is here. And for more beautiful interiors and styling, I urge you to check out Hans Blomquist's website here.