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Blog 14 - New Painting High Tide

New Painting - High Tide



I created a new painting named High Tide which has been sold already!

The 80cm x 60cm canvas is covered with plaster, creating a thick textured surface with great depth.

I decided to follow the same composition as my red and yellow abstract painting commission by adding a horizontal band of colour off the centre of the painting and using two different colour tones above and below it. I wanted to use two blue tones, creating a contrast between the light and dark shades that offset against the golden band.

I love this composition and combination of colours. The painting has been sold to my brother in law who wanted an abstract painting this size to hang in his new extension, facing the lake in his garden. 

I am going to experiment with two tone paintings in future as I think it is a beautiful way to experiment with different colour combinations.

To see more images of this painting, visit it's sold product page here, and to commission me for your own bespoke painting, contact me here