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Blog 19 - Florence + the Machine - High as Hope

Florence + The Machine - High as Hope



Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge Florence + The Machine fan. Ever since she released her first album ‘Lungs’ the day after my 16th birthday I have been an avid fan, seeing her in concert whenever I could and owning every digital and vinyl copy of her catalogue. Though there were other reasons for it, I would be lying if I said my birdcage tattoo wasn’t somewhat influenced by the fact that she also has one.

Her vocals, both live and in the studio, are so powerful and beautiful I find it hard not to belt out along with her wherever I may be! I also find that her meaningful and poetic lyrics resonate with me, and are often sources of inspiration while I paint my original abstract compositions.

Many of Florence’s earlier songs relate to water (and drowning), which you can read all about on better written articles the web (like this one). In a nutshell, she is captivated by water, drawing similarities of being immersed in water to being in love. While I cannot confirm this comparison, I love her view of looking at the world, and I am also inspired by the same themes in nature, (though mainly from the colour and reflection of light!). I find a huge source of inspiration from her music videos that incorporate these same themes of water and nature. Water, trees and the sky are all elements that inspire me and that I often try and reflect in my work.

This Summer my heroine released another beautiful album into the world called High as Hope. The 10 song album is full of goose bump inducing gems, my favourites including 100 years, South London Forever and June.


Even the album cover for High as Hope is cool. I love the colours of the peachy dress against the pale green plastered wall, so much so I want to use them in a painting. Florence has cited that Renaissance artists are a big inspiration for her, and on this cover, she looks like a renaissance painting!

I’ve embedded, in my opinion, the most beautiful song from her new album below for your listening pleasure!

This year I am a lucky guy as my best friends have bought me tickets to see her for my 25th birthday which I am so excited about. See you in November Flo!

A link to Florence’s website is found here. If you aren’t a fan already, go listen to everything and buy me some merch.