Original abstract paintings made in London

Blog 2 - My New Site... And Back Up your Blogs!

My New Site... And Back Up Your Blogs!



While I sit at my desk and wonder "What shall I write about?", "Who is reading this?" and "Should I be producing some actual work?" my biggest brain worm is asking me how much time have I spent on re making my website and more importantly, has it been worth it?

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I launched about a year and a half ago now, and I have spent so much time learning about graphic design, tweaking every page, making sure all my links lead somewhere and most importantly getting the keywords "abstract, art, painting, London" in every sentence! I was happy with how it was looking and I was receiving almost a thousand visitors a month (not bad going I thought!).

 A Screenshot from my Website Before Its Update

A Screenshot from my Website Before Its Update


In November 2017 I swapped to Squarespace from my original provider GoDaddy as I heard good things and I kept seeing nicely designed promotions on Instagram. I gave the trial a whirl and I discovered that the graphics looked cleaner and my website as a whole appeared to look more adult and professional, some thing I have been striving towards in all aspects of my life. On the switch over however...



I was annoyed with myself that all that time spent on my site in the year and a half that I had been with GoDaddy had essentially been wasted. I am most upset about my blogs that have all disappeared and will never be read again. I am sure at least 3 out of the 20 I wrote may have been good!...

Perhaps its virtual Karma for cheating on GoDaddy, but in hindsight I think it was for the best.

Within two months I have relaunched my site with the best of my sold and unsold works and have got to the point where I can start blogging again without the irritating feeling that I should be prioritizing something else, (except actually painting of course).

I have a new found motivation for writing blogs and hopefully I will continue to write at least two a week, and always remembering to BACK THEM UP!!!

Now answering my initial brain worm question "has it been worth it?", I believe that it has. A good looking and up to date website is so important for a business so I will invest as much time as I need into it mine. In the past I have clicked off some sites that didn't look up to date or lacked content, so I won't fall into that trap!

Hopefully you will agree that my website is alright and works quite well... but if you have any suggestions to how I can improve it please let me know. Because any feedback is good feedback!