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Blog 4 - Living Etc and Maximalism

Living Etc and Maximialism



Readers may not know that as well as my practice as an abstract painter I work as a wine cellar designer 5 days a week!

I have had a keen interest in interior design since my art A level studies where I wrote a paper on the psychological benefits of well designed spaces and more specifically, how colour pattern and scale can affect our mood.

My heart literally skips a beat when I see an interior that I love. Perhaps this response is a result of envy or jealousy that I am not living in the space? Either way, I love to create realist renders of a room that clients would want to buy and that hopefully evokes the same response that I feel.

As a conceptual designer I have an excuse in my day to day to browse through glossy magazines to understand the current trends in interiors and to find inspiration in new spaces. It is important for me to keep up to date with current trends in materials and styles so I can reflect this in my wine cellar designs.

Mark surprised me with a copy of Living Etc which I instantly fell in love with, particularly the photographs of interior spaces taken for their 'Maximalism' article.

Maximalism is the artistic style that opposes minimalism's 'less is more' with the approach 'more is more'. The beautifully styled interiors show how to create this look by dressing your space, without coming across as a hoarder. To see their article follow this link.

Maximalism - 1.jpg

I adore the Cole & Son fabric upholstered onto this vintage sofa. Although it may be a little too busy for our cottage, bold colourful fabric is something I would love to try one day!

Maximalism is a trend I would be really happy to see take off because of my love for unusual interior decor and wild colour combinations! It is exciting to see the brave ideas designers are experimenting with and producing in textiles, wallpapers and furniture design. On my voyage of discovery through the wild I found a beautiful home accessory shop called 'Mind the Gap' who produce the coolest wallpaper and pendents on the market!


I designed the above interior using their Jardin Tropical wallpaper. I loved designing with this palette and I hope to show you more of my interiors in the weeks to come. It has taken me ages to write this blog so undoubtedly the magazine has changed issue now, but do read the Livingetc article here if you get the chance!