Original abstract paintings made in London

Blog 7 - Sold Painting Lost & Lost 2

Sold Paintings! Lost & Lost 2



Today I sold two paintings! Lost 1 was sold to a client on Etsy who also wanted another similar painting to match. Both paintings measured 50cm x 40cm and were created using cracking clay medium with green and white acrylic paints on canvas.


I love using a green colour palette as it is my favourite colour. There is a strong link to nature in my colour selection, the Lost pair is a brilliant example of this. I named the pair Lost because the shades of intense wall of green and its many shades remind me of being Lost in a forest or wooded area.


This is the second painting I produced. Again I let the cracking clay do its work, the texture cracking sporadically across the canvas.

I took the photograph below. It is the kind of scenery I am inspired by when I paint, the shades of greens, blues and white.