Original abstract paintings made in London

Blog 8 - Bespoke Series for Geraint

Bespoke Series for Geraint



Towards the end of this month I was asked to create a series of paintings for my friends new flat in East London. I was given the required dimensions for a series of three paintings that were to be hung together as well as dimensions for a fourth that was to be hung elsewhere in the room. 

All 4 paintings were created using a combination of clay and acrylic paints, in my signature style.

I was given the dimensions and colour combinations, and then free reign to create the composition.

The dimensions of the red canvases are 50cm x 60cm and the dimensions of the yellow painting is 90cm x 60cm.

Geraint - Reds Together HQ.png

I tied the red abstract paintings together using the splashes of white acrylic and the location of clay that stretched across each canvas.

Instead of layering the colours over each other as I usually do, I wanted to separate the colours entirely across the centre using the white band.


I copied this design on the yellow painting too, separating the yellow and black sides of the canvas.

I love how these paintings turned out and I believe they create a beautiful eye catching addition to my friends room.