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I have tried so many times, unsuccessfully, to write blogs about things that inspire me to paint, as well as document the exhibitions and show I attend. My abstract paintings are sporadic and in the moment, so like blog writing, unless I am writing while I am doing something, I won’t have the motivation or memory to write about it at a later date!

For this reason, my ‘blog’ below is in an unusual format in comparison to other online blogs. A cluster of images and snippets of text will create a visual journey through my artistic days.

This allows me to write a small description with a date rather than create pages upon pages of badly written text!

Please enjoy looking through my artistic diary below to catch a glimpse into the life of SamuelDeaconArt.


12.01.18 - Complementary Colours

After experimenting with liquid paints for the commission ‘Gecko’, I fell in love and wanted to use this medium in some other works. I have created three canvas’ called ‘Complementary colours’ which can be found in my shop. Take a look there to learn more about the motivation behind these colourful abstract paintings!

Merry Christmas '18.png

30.12.18 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all! I hope that you have spent your time doing what you love, whether that is seeing family and friends or eating your weight in Terrys chocolate orange. I am excited to see what 2019 brings, I hope to keep bringing you more colourful abstract paintings and hopefully a solo show next year!

Gecko painting 22.12.18

22.12.18 - Gecko Commission

This month I have been busy with a commission which I have nicknamed Gecko. I wanted to record this painting on my blog to remember the reason why I was so busy this month! The page for this painting can be found here which has a bit more information about the process behind the commission. I love the combination of colours that the client chose and it was a beautiful painting to have created to top the year off with! Now I have created the commission, I can enjoy the time I have off for the Christmas break!

12.11.18 - Sales sales sales!

This has been a great week for SamuelDeaconArt! My paintings Royal Sea, Misty Woods and Challenge have sold over the last week so I have been driving around London delivering them! Misty woods (pictured above and linked to here) sold as a result of my House & Garden adverts which I am even happier about.

26.10.18 - Holiday to Kefalonia

I have just come back from a much needed holiday with the family. It was lovely to take time away from work and painting to get some rest and relaxation! Although the weather wasn’t in our favour the whole holiday, that didn’t stop us exploring and enjoying ourselves. One highlight of the holiday was taking a boat tour in the Messalini cave. This beautiful subterranean lake was discovered following an earthquake, and now boat tours run on its crystal clear waters that run into the sea just off the coast of Sami. The colours were so beautiful, it was an inspiration!

07.10.18 - The Royal Academy Other Art Fair

I went to see the other art fair today with my friend sarah. I loved seeing the work that is being created now by emerging and established artists. Typically I was drawn to the abstract and textured works, of which there were many! i was inspired by the use of different materials and subjects on display. i love visiting the saatchi gallery in chelsea and i have been recognised as an artist on their online portal saatchiart. Perhaps with a few more sales i will be able to afford a stand in one of their 2019 shows!

House & Garden - SamuelDeaconArt 03.10.18

02.10.18 - House & Garden Magazine November Issue

I am once again delighted to say that I will be advertising in this months issue of House & Garden too!

26.09.18 - Jo Dennis ‘A Kind of Solid Liquid’ Exhibition Private View

Last night I went to the private view of Jo Dennis’ exhibition ‘A Kind of Solid Liquid’.

‘Exhibiting paintings and photographs from her most recent series titled Black Wall, the exhibition ‘A Kind of Solid Liquid’ presents a body of work produced directly on to glass, transparencies, found windows and includes a painting installation’

This was a very inspiring evening, motivating me to experiment painting on different materials other than canvas. The transparent works in their combinations of colours looked fantastic against the rustic window frames.

details of the exhibition can be found via this link and if you are interested in seeing more of Jo’s work her instagram can be found here.


03.09.18 - House & Garden Magazine October Issue

I am delighted to say that my painting Royal Sea will be advertised in the October issue of House & Garden. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to advertise my larger abstract paintings to a wider audience who otherwise may not have found me via my Instagram or Facebook. I have been an avid reader of House and Garden for a few years now so it is a thrill to see my name in print!

09.08.18 - Picnic Painting

‘Picnic’ is a new abstract self portrait inspired by the day at Battersea Park with my group of gay friends which I wrote about earlier in my blog. Picnic is an expressionist view of my day. Masculine blue tones paints a picture of myself, the fabric of one of my friends ripped shirts covering my eyes. I wanted to try and incorporate my high textured style with portrait painting, as sometimes I like to create work that is a little different to my colourful compositions! I love how a subject looks over a textured background, and I am already receiving good feedback from it which is always nice! please see my shop to find my original abstract paintings for sale.

22.07.18 - Marika Hackman ‘Monday Afternoon’ Painting

I have finished another painting this week. This dark and slightly morbid painting is inspired by the song Monday Afternoon by the singer Marika Hackman. I am a huge fan of Marika, having seen her perform live and having her whole catalogue of work. She is a brilliant singer, songwriter and musician and this summer I have been listening to her more and more. The song Monday Afternoon is particularly bleak and I wanted to reflect this in the painting. A link to the song is found here. ‘I feel no pain, the blood is frozen in my veins, and although you were here in the morning, my skin was cold before you came’.

Framed Painting - 21.07.18

21.07.18 - New Painting Framed

I decided to paint on sheets of acrylic paper to express my creativity but on a smaller scale! I am beginning to run out of space in the studio so I experimented with the clay medium on a different medium to minimise the impact on space. I love that the essence of a SamuelDeaconArt style painting is captured on this small frame, its texture evident behind the glass. It is a nice way to incorporate a pop of colour into a room even if you don’t have the wall space to hang a painting. This work has been sold already so I am definitely motivated to create some more of these framed original abstract paintings. If this work interests you please check out my shop to see if there are any available, otherwise I am now also selling my works as prints!

17.07.18 - Picnic in the park

Hello readers! Unfortunately I haven’t had too much to write about so far this month. Although I am itching to paint again, I think its good to take a break and recoup and wait for the creative juices to wash over me. It was also my birthday on the 5th of July so I am 10 days into my celebrations (and don’t intend on stopping any time soon!). It has been an unusually warm summer so I am taking the time to try and see all of my friends at every given opportunity while the sun is still shining as I know that I will become a hermit again in October when the heat leeches away and the sunlight has drained from the days.

Mark and I met with our group of friends in Battersea park in London to play Frisbee and drink cider. My favourite kind of day! While this isn’t a particularly exciting subject for you to read about, I wanted to capture the joy and warmth from the day so I can look back at it in a few months time when the rain is pelting in. I took the below picture during a break from the Frisbee/rugby fusion we were all playing. The picture doesn’t justice to how beautiful the park looked through my tipsy cider eyes. There was such a huge contrast between the many shades of green and the dark silhouettes of the tree trunks as I was being blinded by the setting sun. Once again I feel rejuvenated to paint because of today, but perhaps something a bit different from my usual (but beautiful) colours on a canvas!

07.07.18 - Florence and the Machine - High as Hope Album

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge Florence + The Machine fan. Ever since she released her first album ‘Lungs’ the day after my 16th birthday I have been an avid fan, seeing her in concert whenever I could and owning every digital and vinyl copy of her catalogue. Though there were other reasons for it, I would be lying if I said my birdcage tattoo wasn’t somewhat influenced by the fact that she also has one.

Her vocals, both live and in the studio, are so powerful and beautiful I find it hard not to belt out along with her wherever I may be! I also find that her meaningful and poetic lyrics resonate with me, and are often sources of inspiration while I paint my original abstract compositions.

This Summer my heroine released another beautiful album into the world called High as Hope. The 10 song album is full of goose bump inducing gems, my favourites including 100 years, South London Forever and June.

Even the album cover for High as Hope is cool. I love the colours of the peachy dress against the pale green plastered wall, so much so I want to use them in a painting. Florence has cited that Renaissance artists are a big inspiration for her, and on this cover, she looks like a renaissance painting!

This year I am a lucky guy as my best friends have bought me tickets to see her for my 25th birthday which I am so excited about. See you in November Flo!

A link to Florence’s website is found here. If you aren’t a fan already, go listen to everything and buy me some merch.

Rot Painting - SamuelDeaconArt 26.06.18

26.06.18 - Rot - New PAINTNG

Today I finished my new painting Rot.

Rot is an original abstract painting using grey and green acrylic on a canvas measuring 50cm x 40cm x 2cm.

A thin base layer of clay has been applied to the canvas and flaked off once drying to expose the muddy green layer beneath.

More acrylic paint is applied over the top and white has been used to highlight the texture of the clay. This dark painting is a great textural addition to a room.

I wanted to create a dark styled composition following my blog about Hans Blomquist. I love dark interiors and wanted to create a composition that would suit the room when I re-style the study. The canvas is available to buy via my shop, following the link here.

Dusty Ray Full - SamuelDeaconArt 24.06.18

24.06.18 - Dusty Ray Bottoms - New Painting

This week i finished my new painting 'Dusty Ray Bottoms', an original abstract portrait inspired by the performer from Season 10 of Ru Pauls drag race.

I love the creativity and versatility of such performers, and this portrait captured a moment of inspiration I felt after watching RPDR.

I wanted to create an abstract portrait, fused with my love of a textured background as shown in my other works.

I hand stretched canvas over an 80cm x 45cm frame and applied oil and acrylic paints in layers using brushes and palette knives to create this composition.

The many tones of greens with the vibrant red portrait over the top makes this an eye catching addition to a room for a pop of colour.

The painting does not resemble Dusty Ray as I have selected only a few features to paint. I have abstracted the image so much beyond recognition which I like.

Plants - SamuelDeaconArt 12.06.18

12.06.18 - Plants!

Following on from my blog about about my favourite interior stylist Hans Blomquist, I wanted to write about my love of plants in interiors.

I love plants, flower and anything in nature and have always been drawn to the colour green, so naturally I like to fill my house with plants.

I am no good at keeping them alive, but I love the short while when they are flourishing.

Plants are perfect for purifying the air and are proven to improve peoples moods, especially in office and other work environments, so why not litter my home with them?

Pinterest is such a good location to find inspiring images. My board include abstract paintings that inspire me, great interior design and architecture, and plants.

Plants - SamuelDeaconArt 12.06.18

12.06.18 - Plants!

This photograph was taken at Cotswold wildlife park for my friends birthday. The animals were great but the greenhouse full of cacti was a highlight of the day for me. I am always inspired in new places in nature and I am always found snapping pictures of plants and trees.

Natural Home - SamuelDeaconArt 01.06.18

01.06.18 - Hans Blomquist - The Natural Home Book

I love great interior design. I have quite an eclectic style that shifts with the ever changing trends, however my love for dark interiors is constant and is sometimes referenced in my artwork. Therefore, I wanted to start sharing books and images that inspire me.

The first book I'd like to talk about is The Natural Home, written by a stylist Hans Blomquist. In my eyes, The Natural Home is the epitome of interior styling.

I love dark neutral colours, natural fabrics and an abundance of plant life in interior design and this book has it all!

This book begins by breaking down Hans' key elements that are incorporated into his Natural interiors including the use of plants, display objects, colour and texture.

The photographs of these elements are enough to encourage "ooh's" and "aah's" from me, as well as a feeling of sadness that I can't have another home to style this way!

Hans Blomquist - SamuelDeaconArt 01.06.18

01.06.18 - Hans Blomquist - The Natural Home Book

The above photograph shows a number of found objects with neutral colours and an assortment of materials. Although it can be impractical to horde objects for the sake of creating an interesting arrangement for every day life... I can still lust over the photograph. I live in a minimalist styled house so the messy arrangement of beautiful things would be a little out of place. The photographs and examples of arrangements can however inspire my choice of colour palettes, plants and may give me a reason to leave some of my paintbrushes out in the spare room.

I would recommend buying this book if you are looking for interior inspiration or just a great coffee table book to rest your vase of twigs on!

A link to the book on Amazon is here. And for more beautiful interiors and styling, I urge you to check out Hans Blomquist's website here.

18/05/18 - New Painting high tide -

I created a new painting named High Tide which has been sold already!

The 80cm x 60cm canvas is covered with plaster, creating a thick textured surface with great depth.

I decided to follow the same composition as my red and yellow abstract painting commission by adding a horizontal band of colour off the centre of the painting and using two different colour tones above and below it. I wanted to use two blue tones, creating a contrast between the light and dark shades that offset against the golden band.

I love this composition and combination of colours. The painting has been sold to my brother in law who wanted an abstract painting this size to hang in his new extension, facing the lake in his garden. 

To see more images of this painting, visit it's sold product page here 

12.05.18 - Trip to Barcelona

I am fortunate enough to have booked another trip away so soon after Majorca!

Mark and I booked a trip to Perpignan and Barcelona for a long weekend in May.

Although the weather wasn't in our favour, we were lucky to have walked around Barcelona in the rain and see some wonderful Architecture.

It HAS BEEN a dream of mine for a number of years now to SEE SOME buildings designed by gaudi. The scale and style of these buildings was mesmerising and unlike anything I had seen before.

It made me miss experimenting with architecture and model making in my Interior Architecture course.

06.05.18 - Aquaria - New painting

Aquaria is a new abstract painting measuring 100cm x 70cm. It is made using a combination of clay and acrylic paints on canvas in turquoise tones.

01.05.18 - Golden Sands Collection - Sold

I sold my pair of paintings 'Golden Sands' to a client in Central London! 

Each canvas measured 80cm x 60cm  and was made using a combination of acrylic paints, liquid paints, spray paints and clay.

I am really happy the client loved the work in her home. I was happy to have sold this beach inspired collection straight after my holiday to majorca!

22.04.18 - Majorca Holiday

My partner and I flew to Majorca for a week of much needed R&R.

I wrote a blog to explain the reason for a gap in my writing, as well as to share some of the beautiful pictures I took of the scenery that inspired me.

As well as the beautiful landscape, our design also displayed some textured art work which resembled my own.

I am not happy to have flown home from this amazing holiday, but I am happy to get back to my artwork again!

The combination of the clear water, gnarled trees and golden sand made the beaches along Port de Pollenca so picturesque!

22.04.18 - Majorca Holiday

This was one of the many paintings that hung in the reception and dining rooms.

It looks like this artist has also used a combination of clay and acrylic paints in their abstract work as well. I like the combination of colour, how the artist has used whites, oranges and blues to create an abstract landscape.

This hotel was full of beautiful paintings inspired by the beach, it was hard to choose only one to include on my blog page.


15.04.18 - Life drawing class night

I was asked by my friend to assist in her first life drawing class last night.

I helped to set up the positions and to change the sets as well as talking through the groups drawings after poses.

Our models sat for intervals of 2, 5, 10 or 20 minutes so the artists had the opportunity to develop more detailed drawings and practice quicker sketches.

Life drawing class - 15.04.18

15.04.18 - Life drawing class night

We had plenty of colourful props to use in varying shapes and sizes.

This added some interest to the drawings and helped to get and understanding of scale and proportions in the drawing. I even had some fun posing as seen abovew! 

31.03.18 - Abstract Commission

Towards the end of this month I was asked to create a series of paintings for my friends new flat in East London. I was given the required dimensions for a series of three paintings that were to be hung together as well as dimensions for a fourth that was to be hung elsewhere in the room. 

All 4 paintings were created using a combination of clay and acrylic paints, in my signature style. I was given the dimensions and colour combinations, and then free reign to create the composition.The dimensions of the red canvases are 50cm x 60cm and the dimensions of the yellow painting is 90cm x 60cm.

31.03.18 - Abstract Commission

I tied the red abstract paintings together using the splashes of white acrylic and the location of clay that stretched across each canvas.

Instead of layering the colours over each other as I usually do, I wanted to separate the colours entirely across the centre using the white band..

I love how these paintings turned out and I believe they create a beautiful eye catching addition to my friends room.  

15.03.18 - Lost Collection

Today I sold two paintings! Lost 1 was sold to a client on Etsy who also wanted another similar painting to match. Both paintings measured 50cm x 40cm and were created using cracking clay medium with green and white acrylic paints on canvas. I love using a green colour palette as it is my favourite colour. There is a strong link to nature in my colour selection, the Lost pair is a brilliant example of this.

15.03.18 - Lost Collection

This is the second painting in the Lost collection. I named the pair Lost because the shades of intense wall of green and its many shades remind me of being Lost in a forest or wooded area. This is the second painting I produced. Again I let the cracking clay do its work, the texture cracking sporadically across the canvas.

15.03.18 - Lost Collection INSPIRATION

I took thIS Photograph a long time ago during a walk in my home county wiltshire. It is the kind of scenery I am inspired by when I paint with the shades of greens, blues and white.

Misty Woods - Samueldeaconart  04.03.18

04.03.18 - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Submission - Misty Woods

My favourite exhibition of the year is the Summer Exhibition, where thousands of emerging and established artists show their paintings, sculptures and architectural works. There is such a variety of work on show in many mediums and styles so I am always inspired and impressed by some of the work on show.

This year I have submitted two works to the show and I should be hearing back on the 15th of March whether my submissions will be sent for the second round of judging.

Royal Sea - Samueldeaconart 04.03.18

04.03.18 - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Submission - Royal Sea

Both paintings measure 100cm x 100cm and are made using cracked clay and acrylic paint over a stretched cotton canvas. The first painting, Misty Woods, uses a combination of green and silver paints and the second, Royal Sea, uses a combination of purple, blues and golds. 

09.02.18 - Industville Showroom Exhibition.

From Early January until the 9th of February I exhibited some of my work at the Industville lighting showroom at Docklands in East London.

I wanted to include some of the images of the exhibition space into my blog to document the one of (hopefully) many places I will be exhibiting my work this year.

I think my work provided a pop of colour in the showroom that complimented the modern pendants and shades that Industville offer.

09.02.18 - Industville Showroom Exhibition.

This Exhibition was a Great Opportunity to focus on my marketing materials and updates to my website.

I printed a book of my abstract paintings for the exhibition, showing my available works as well as the work that was available to buy and on display.

I loved seeing my work on the walls and I am looking forward to exhibiting next year. If you are in the market for new lighting, Visit the Industville Website to browse their brilliant collection of industrial styled lighting.

Living Etc and Maximalism - SamuelDeaconArt 06.02.18

06.02.18 - Living ETC and Maximalism.

My heart literally skips a beat when I see an interior that I love. Perhaps this response is a result of envy or jealousy that I am not living in the space? Either way, I love to create realist renders of a room that clients would want to buy and that hopefully evokes the same response that I feel.

Mark surprised me with a copy of Living Etc which I instantly fell in love with, particularly the photographs of interior spaces taken for their 'Maximalism' article.

Maximalism is the artistic style that opposes minimalism's 'less is more' with the approach 'more is more'. The beautifully styled interiors show how to create this look in your home.

Living Etc and Maximalism - SamuelDeaconArt 06.02.18

06.02.18 - Living ETC and Maximalism.

Maximalism is a trend I would be really happy to see take off because of my love for unusual interior decor and wild colour combinations! It is exciting to see the brave ideas designers are experimenting with and producing in textiles, wallpapers and furniture design. On my voyage of discovery through the wild I found a beautiful home accessory shop called 'Mind the Gap' who produce the coolest wallpaper and pendents on the market!

I designed the above interior using wallpaper called Jardin Tropical from a beautiful home accessory shop called 'Mind the Gap'. This set was inspired by the Maximalism blog I read, though it definitely still shows my love for natural materials and colours an an interior.


04.02.18 - From Life Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

The 'From Life' exhibition is running until March 2018. The Royal Academy describes the exhibition below;

'Looking to the past, present and future of one of the cornerstones of artistic process, we ask what it means to make art from life, and how the practice is evolving as technology opens up new ways of making and seeing.

I have always enjoyed participating in life drawing classes, Though i do find the human form a difficult subject to master. I am inspired by how varied artists can express their subjects and in the mediums they choose. After seeing this exhibition I am inspired to pick up a pencil again and incorporate figures into my abstract works.

I remember researching the artist Jenny Saville and her large scale fleshy paintings during my A-Levels. I was happy to see one of her works up close to witness the scale and expression of her subjects first hand. 'Entry' is a painting of Jenny's, it's subject is a corpse with a bullet wound to her face. I believe this painting is an exaggeration of her studies of the flesh and that by painting a corpse she has shown to the viewer in this 'From Life' exhibition that we are just a collection of skin and tissue that was eventually cease to function. Despite its morbid subject I love this painting for its thick application of oil paint that creates this realistic portrait. 

04.02.18 - From Life Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

I am always delighted when I find new artwork from artists I had not heard of before. Some of my favourite work came from the artist, Jonathan Yeo, a celebrated and the 'worlds' most in demand portraitist'. I liked the range of work on display from Jonathan's collection including a self portrait sculpture that was created from a virtual reality painting. This shows the possibilities and direction of the development of life drawing thanks to the advancement of technology. 

I urge you to see this show if you haven't already! And watch this space for some new 'from life' inspired paintings!

Bronze Sculpture by Jonathan Yeo

Happy New Year - SamuelDeaconArt

09.01.18 - Happy New Year!

I am a little late to the posting date but here is an image to show my gratefulness to all of my followers since I started in 2014!

Samueldeaconart has gone strength to strength this year and looking back, I cannot believe the amount of work I have produced in just 12 months!

The year began with my return to the Pancakes and Booze art show with solely abstract paintings, cementing my specialism as an abstract painter. I met many amazing artists that night, a few of which I keep in contact with and I am inspired daily by their work. The competition I ran for my Instagram page was a success, and although my page is not quite ‘insta-famous’, I am delighted with the followers I have gained and the people who like and share my posts every day!

After that, I have been fortunate enough to have had many commissioned works including paintings such as; Remembering SardiniaMount KrivanTerrainTidalCracked Rainbow and Winter’s Furnace. These paintings were so different in many ways, their sizes, colour combinations and ways to apply my combination of clay and paint.

I have also been fortunate enough to be selected to exhibit my work at the Industville showroom which has kept me occupied at the end of 2017! This includes the creation of my book, highlighting the available works on display as well as other notable paintings I have created this year.

My work will be on display between January and Mid February 2018 if you happen to be around the Docklands area of London!

To top it all off, my great new website is now fully operational after its face lift and will keep bringing you the latest news and abstract paintings from the studio of Samueldeaconart.

I am so excited to see what this year brings, and for the personal and commissioned paintings that I will be producing. I hope that you all have a fabulous new year too!