Original abstract paintings made in London


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Submission - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

For a few years now I have been a friend of the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London. I love the layout of the space and I think that the quality of the exhibitions is always great in comparison to other galleries I have been to. 

My favourite exhibition of the year is the Summer Exhibition where thousands of emerging and established artists show their paintings, sculptures and architectural works. There is such a variety of work on show in many mediums and styles so I am always inspired and impressed by some of the work on show.

This year I have submitted two works to the show and I should be hearing back on the 15th of March whether my submissions will be sent for the second round of judging.

Misty Woods Submission

Both paintings measure 100cm x 100cm and are made using cracked clay and acrylic paint over a stretched cotton canvas. The first painting, Misty Woods, uses a combination of green and silver paints and the second, Royal Sea, uses a combination of purple, blues and golds. 

Royal Sea Submission

These large scale paintings use my signature cracked clay and acrylic combination. The clay creates a beautiful surface that looks great up close and from a distance. It creates a sense of depth and texture, and when used across a large canvas it creates several focal points that are unique for each viewer. 

Misty woods and Royal Sea will be available to buy if it is not chosen for exhibition so watch this space if you are interested in hanging these in your home!

Samuel Deacon