Original abstract paintings made in London



Client testimonials and reviews about the paintings from Samueldeaconart of London.

Remembering Sardinia - Samueldeaconart

Magda -

Residential -


"Thank you so much Sam for creating this beautiful painting for us! I will recommend you to all of my friends"

Commissioner of 'Remembering Sardinia'

Tidal Samueldeaconart.jpg

Sean -

Residential - Wiltshire

"we commissioned sam to create a painting for our living room to match our rug and wall colour. we love how it has turned out! the stunning combination of colours and texture draws your eye and everyone mentions it when they walk past. sam's prices are very reasonable for the quality and the turn around from concept to delivery was quick. i have recommended him to our friends and family,"

Commissioner of 'Tidal'


Jill - Residential - Wiltshire

"Sam has a depth and understanding of working with different mediums and colours which enables him to produce pieces that encourage your mind to create a subjective image, making every painting individual to each person. even the same person looking at it can see different things in it each time so creating an ever changing piece of artwork according to your own thoughts and feelings at the time you are looking at it. i have four pieces of his work and each time i look at them i see something different. i feel very lucky to own them and enjoy them everyday"

purchaser of 'Aquaria' 'Haze' 'Lavender' & 'Framed 1'  

Muted Blue Rust - Samueldeaconart.jpg

Clare -

Residential -


"Brilliant communication, gorgeous art. if i had space i'd have more."

purchaser of 'muted blue rust'

Commissioner of 'Three Valleys' & 'OSCAR'

Meltdown Samueldeaconart.jpg

Brogan -

Commercial -

Central London

"such a lovely painting and an absolutely great seller! Thank you! xx"

purchaser of 'meltdown'


Sinead - Residential - Wiltshire

"I suggested a colour scheme to sam without a clear idea of what i wanted, but he made a beautiful, intriguing and striking piece for me regardless of my lack of direction! the colours are vivid and subtle at the same time which pairs with the delicate texture. its a true work of art." commissioner of 'green bomb' and purchaser of 'into the garden'

Cracked Rainbow - Samueldeaconart.jpg

Jessica -

Residential -

Central London

"We love the painting!! we absolutely love it! and we hung it up right away. its gorgeous..."

"the colours turned out really well! it's soothing on the eye"

"the frame is really sturdy so that the canvas sits taut, perfectly... yet it is light enough that we could hang it easily with only one very strong nail"

"well done and thanks! we will definitely pass your name onto friends who may be interested in commissioning your work too"

commissioner of 'cracked rainbow'

Find Me.png

Becky - Residential - Wiltshire

"I've always admired and enjoyed sam's work and i am thrilled that i now own a piece for myself. i love the colours and textures used in 'find me' and i think what i looks most about his work is how it can be interpreted in many different ways. i look forward to seeing where his artistic journey takes him"

purchaser of 'find me'


Gemma - Residential - Wiltshire

"sam's art is unique and thought provoking, his ability to combine textures and blend colour so effortlessly is a true talent. he adapts and develops styles to enhance his collections and it's a privilege to own an original." Purchaser of 'christmas spirit' and 'threads'