Original abstract paintings made in London
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Remembering Sardinia

Remembering Sardinia 

Remembering Sardinia was a painting commissioned for a wonderful family in Surrey.

I was asked to create a 150cm x 100cm original abstract painting for her newly redesigned living area that incorporated colours from photographs she took on a family holiday to Sardinia.

The client requested deeper turquoise and gold colours in the composition as these colours would be used in the newly designed space. I was asked to create one of my colourful compositions instead of a realistic landscape and with only the use of a little textural clay.

The cracked clay that I have used exposes gold acrylic layers underneath that contrast well with the texture of the suggested cliff face.  

I really enjoyed creating this painting and I am delighted with the outcome. I think the blue and yellow colours work well together and the bright tones and brushstrokes create an exciting eye catching painting.


Remembering sardinia - full view

Remembering Sardinia - Wall View

Remembering Sardinia - Detail