Original abstract paintings made in London
Hidden Messages.jpg

Hidden Messages

Hidden Messages

Stepping away from my usual palette of greens and blues, Hidden Messages is an exploration of the world outside of my comfort zone, a colourful abstract experiment.

A more intense abstract painting than i usually paint (owed to the red and brown tones), this high textured canvas was created with the theme of mixed/hidden messages in mind, forms hiding behind one another and letters emerging when you look hard enough. 

Mount board and clay are used as a base layer on this 90cm x 60cm canvas to build up a thick texture then acrylic paints are scraped over the surface using a palette knife to create this dark coloured high impact abstract painting.

This painting was auctioned at an auction, raising money for the Royal National Institute of the Blind.


Hidden MEssages - Full View

Hidden messages - Outside

Hidden Messages - outside