Original abstract paintings made in London

Jack The Mermaid

Jack The Mermaid

Jack the Mermaid is a 50cm x 60cm x 2cm landscape orientated abstract composition using acrylic paints and cracked clay on canvas.

The blue, purple and gold tones I have used are similar to my larger work Royal Sea.

I love this combination of colours, and the use of gold to highlight the textured elements as will as brighten the overall composition.

My favourite medium, the cracked clay, creates a beautiful surface for the paints to be dragged over, making interesting details as the colours catch different areas and pool in the cracks.

Like most of my paintings, the title of the piece came after its completion. The blues reminded me of the ocean and the purples and golds reminded me of mermaids. I chose to name the mermaid Jack as a tongue in cheek nod towards gender roles, also my friend Jack wanted to be a mermaid.


Jack The Mermaid - Full View

Jack The Mermaid - Outside

Jack The Mermaid - Detail