Original abstract paintings made in London

It's a Peacock, Janet

It’s a Peacock, Janet


‘It’s a Peacock, Janet’ is a large original abstract painting on a 90cm x 90cm canvas.

It's a Peacock, Janet, was on display at the Supawan restaurant next to Kings Cross station in London.

I used acrylic paints and liquid paints in blue and green tones, with flecks of purple yellow and orange to create this composition.

The honeycomb liquid effect paints pool between the cracks of the clay on the canvas surface to create a beautiful high impact texture.

This striking painting is beautiful from a distance and in its up close details.


It’s a Peacock, Janet - Full

It’s a Peacock, Janet - ROOM VIEW

It’s a Peacock, Janet - DETAIL

It's a Peacock, Janet - Samuel Deacon Art

It’s a Peacock, Janet - At the supawan RESTAURANT in kings cross - london